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            Marjane Satrapi has become one of the most well-known graphic novel writers of the twenty-first century.  She was born on November 22, 1969 in Rasht, or the Guilan Region of Iran, by the Caspian Sea.  She grew up in Tehran, where she attended the Lycée Français.  She is part Azeri, Turkmen, Muslim, and Zoroastrian, but she usually describes herself as “Iranian.”  She saw first hand the increasing civil tyranny in the Iranian government, and the outcome of the ongoing power struggle.

            Something very interesting about Satrapi, is that her mother is the great-grandaughter of Nassar-al Din Shah, who was the Shah of Persia from 1848 until 1896.  Unfortunately, in her culture it is a custom for men to have more than one wife, which meant that he had thousands of great great grandchildren, so that is not such a big deal to her.  After having lived in Tehran for 14 years, her parents decided to send her to Vienna, Austria to protect her from the Iranian government.

            In her novel Persepolis, which deals with her life as an Iranian woman in the modern era, she explains that she stayed in Vienna all throughy high school, and then returned to Iran.  Upon her arrival there, she married a man named Reza, then divorced him, and moved to France. 

            In 1997 when Satrapi moved to Paris, she met Christopher Blain  He was the one that introduced her to L'Atelier des Vosges, which was the home of many of France's "new wave" of graphic novel artists.   During her time here, she told people stories about her home and the thigns she had witnessed in Iran.  That was when they asked her when she was planning on making a novel out of her life.  Satrapi’s carrer probably began when she met David Beauchard, alias David B., French comic book artist and writer.  Her style is very similar to his, and this was more visible when she was starting out.  After being inspired, she went to Strasbourg to study graphic art.

     She still lives in France where she writes and illustrates children books, and she often writes a column in the Op-Ed section of the New York Times.  Although it is not the only magazine that she writes for, she has also been featured in the New Yorker, and other world renoun magazines.   Recently though most of her time has been spent working on the animated film of her novel Persepolis, which is being produces by Sony Pictures Classics.  The movie will be released in 2007, in black and white, and will be in both French and English.  Afterward she is planning on finishing her next book, and painting a mural in the Center of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.  Satrapi is the author of various children books, and Persepolis  (2003), Persepolis II (2004), Embroideries (2005), Chicken With Plums (2006), and Monsters Are Afraid of the Moon (2006).

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