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     The author's themes are pretty much the same in all her novels.  She speaks of her life in Iran, so obviously the history of Iran is very important.    Especially the political and religious events that occured during her time there (1970s-1980s).  In her books she speaks of the way people reacted to the government's revolution and how it affected her and her family.  It is clear that she does not have many positive feelings towards thos events
      Another prominent theme in her work is the innocence of children.  She begins her story when she was a young girl and ends or will end when she is older and more mature, and hopefully able to comprehend everything that has occured to her.  Furthermore, she has written various children novels, so it is clear that she feels a bigger connection to them than with her adult audience.  This is proabbly so because her childhoos was practically taken away from her as she witnessed various violent events.
     Furthermore, another theme that Satrapi uses is the injustice of government, and how fatal it can be to some people.  In her case, it forced her to leave the country of her birth, and it brought back traditions that were never liked from the beginning.  She also covers religion and the effect it can have on people and their way of life.  But the msot important theme that Satrapi covers is the inferiority that people feel when they are told what to do by someone that supposedly "nows it all."
     The last theme that is common in Satrapi's work is the one that she dedicates solely to her young audience.  This is her childish side that tells them stories of monsters and kings.