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     Currently literature is in the post-modernism movement, under the cyberpunk subgenre.  Because Marjane Satrapi is still alive, she is classified under this literary movement.  The post-modernism movement began at the end of modernism after World War II ended.  Others claim that the death of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf marked the end of modernism and began a new era much similar to the one they ended. 
     Both modernism and post-modernism take many of its characteristics from 19th century Realism.  It focused more on the characters' consciences rather than the reality that surrounds them, usually with Woolfs stream of consciousness.  Some famous post-modernism writers include Amy Tan, Margaret Atwood, Albert Camus, Ray Bradbury, Paulo Coelho, Arthur Miller, and Toni Morrison.  But these authors were only the begining of the era we find ourselves in.  Satrapi writes under a different subgenre, the cyberpunk one.
     Satrapi like many other living writers is influenced by the technological revolution that is occuring as this is read.  She lives in a world where women and minorities are given the same opportunities as everyone else.  Although she escaped one where women have the right to live only and do nothing more or nothing less than what their husbands allow them to.  Because of this, she perfectly exemplifies the post-modernism era. 
     Although, Satrapi also belongs in the graphic novels genre because she does not only write, she illustrates.  That is probably why her audience keeps exapnding.  She is conquering the minds of many people through her illustrated writing.