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    Although Marjane Satrapi is a farly new writer, she has had a great influence on the world.  Her graphic novels have been translated into more than ten languages, and this has allowed her to spread her belief in equality for everyone.  Her most famous novel Persepolis tells the story of her childhood during the Iranian Revolution, and it allows people to understand more about Iran's culture and history.  Satrapi has allowed those that think they understand to actually understand. 
     Moreover, she was able to explain to people how children and the youth of Iran feel about everything its government has done and is doing.  Satrapi feels that it is really important for people to know what is going on on the other side of the world.  The new trend for literature has moved right next to technology.  The world is uniting itslef and beginning to look for things that will be better for the entire world, and not a specific country or two.  Authors like Satrapi that write about foreign cultures and share that with the world are doing something good without realizing it; they are bringing it together.
     At the same time, Satrapi has begun a new graphic art revolution.  Comic books have never attracted the attention of many people because they usually deal with similar plots and characters, but Satrapi has taken this old form of art and transformed it into something different, although still slightly similar.  She still as the common story-line where she begins to tell her story from the beginning of her childhood, but she has the Iranian Revolution and the opposing views people had about it as the background story.  Satrapi is explaining it from an Iranian's point of view, and because of this it is more special, because they are not usually outspoken people.  She is teaching the world (specifically the Middle East) that hust because someone says that you are not allowed to do something does not mean you are not capable of doing it.