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Other Writers Influenced by Satrapi
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            Because the author is still alive, and very modern, she has yet to influence any authors, but it is clear that one should expect her to open doors for many women, especially those of middle-eastern origin.  She has proved to them that when one puts their mind to something, nothing and no one can stop them.  She found a way to do what she loved, and she demonstrates that people should be capable of doing whatever it takes to achieve ones goals and be happy.

          She influenced writerr Tony Pakinachirela who resides in Leon, Spain.  A small province off the shore of the Mediterranean near the Alps.  He bagan as an artist painting landscapes (but he never sold them), and one day ona trip to France, one of his friends spoke to him of Satrapi's work.  And he was inspired.  He bagan doodling on napkins, and eventually wrote his own book "Debajo de las Montaņas," or "Under the mountains."  Which he dedicated to his mother who had passed away a few years before that.  Because he is new, there is not much known about him except what led to the commencement of his writing.

     It is clear that he will not be the only person that she influences.  The world should expect great things from this innovative and inspiring author, who as days go by, teaches people that everyone can do it.