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            Unlike other writers, Marjane Satrapi has it a little easier because she is able to literally show what she wants the audience to see.  Nonetheless, a great amount of information can be interpreted through her drawings.  To begin, her use of black and white instead of color, give the story a more ancient feel. It helps her remind the audience that she is speaking of something that has already occurred.  Furthermore, the simplicity of her images allows her to demonstrate that this time in her life was not a great one, and that most of it is blurry.  Perhaps the lack of color also signifies how somber that time was.

            Furthermore, she usually draws herself in the background; this shows how inferior she felt to people when she was young.  Her country made women believe that they were unworthy of being at the same level of men.  As she gets older in the novels, she starts to show herself more; it is almost as if she is starting to believe that she is finally getting to the level of men.  She begins to talk more to people, and not only speaks her thoughts to herself.