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       Marjane Satrapi displays several themes in her graphic novel. Because her novel is based on growing up in Tehran during the Shah regime, it gives the reader a unique perspective in a childs eye view. It focuses on the difficulties of growing up as a young woman in Iran and the absurdities of adolescent life.         
     Marjane Satrapi brings her story to life with the help of her own intriguing drawings which also adds an artistic theme to the novel; one that is independent of all norms and unique. Becuase of the novel's intellectual level, Satrapi definitely gives a different take to her childhood from ages 6 to 14. Satrapi indulges the reader with such themes as family, friendship, abandonment, relationships and of course, life.
     Posepolis is a compilation of many themes as well as a compilation of several emotions and feelings. Satrapi succeeds in winning praise from the audience because her stroytelling exciting yet wholesome. She brings a sense of comic relief to the melodramatic story which succesfully lightens up the mood. Her story really brings out the truth of girlhood in Iran, especially throughout the time of the Shah regime, which was a time of hardship for most of the Iranian citizens as well during the Iranian revolution. Marjane Satrapi takes from her own life and experiences to bring the reader a comic view of a troubled life, yet Satrapi is able to teach us valuable lessons on life at the same time.